Creating Visual Environments since 1983.

The story of Sparq1200 dates back to 1983 when Terry Productions was created, producing custom slide shows and graphic displays for the Houston market. In those days, the term “computer graphics” was like 3D printing today – new and difficult to understand. Graphic files were made with workstations using large floppy drives that could hold only 10K in storage and graphic artists wondered how they could make a pie chart in three colors. Large photo processors required dark rooms and digital cameras to produce a simple slide made from film that required a person to mount it in a glass carrier that was inserted into a slide projector.

With the development of PowerPoint and other graphics software, the art of producing “photo graphics” became obsolete. To keep up with advancements in our market, we began fabricating dimensional graphics and displays in 2000.

With our first CNC router, we began building displays and exhibits for the Trade Show industry. This entry into fabrication was met with skepticism from the Exhibit companies, wondering if we were competing with their market. In those days, graphics companies weren’t fabricators and it seemed that a company that could offer the complete line of services would surely fail. Today, it’s apparent that we were on the leading edge of consolidating this group of services into one company, and we certainly did succeed.

With lasers, CNC routers and WaterJet machinery, we can cut just about any material we are asked to work with. Couple that with precision engravers, vinyl cutters, board printers and roll paper printers, our capabilities bring our customers the complete line of Environment, Exhibit and Signage services. However, the magic of Sparq1200 is the people who have mastered their craft. Our technicians and fabricators have lived through this evolution in our industry and it’s that experience over the 32 years we’ve been in business that makes us so capable.

What will tomorrow bring? Where does Sparq1200 go from here? Time will tell, but we have a suspicion that 3D printing and LED lighting will be a large part of our lives. During this next decade, Sparq1200 will continue our heritage of advancement and experimentation with technology. We will offer our clients new ideas and innovative solutions to match the creativity that is constantly evolving.
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