John Bone

A native Houstonian born in 1960, I grew up doing woodworking in a woodshed in the backyard of the house in Spring Branch. This desire to create was simply an internal passion with no real idea of where this would take me. My hobbies as a teenager were varied, from gardening, soccer and singing in the church choir. I struggled with my studies but excelled in drafting and working with my hands. Needless to say, mine was not an academic path, but a quest to be an artisan.

I attended UT Austin where I found my path with a Degree in Journalism. That year, I earned an internship with a much respected oil field photographer. He had more covers for Oil and Gas Journal than most other photographers. He taught me how to capture the moment through photos, working in the oil industry.

I landed a job, working for a commercial photo lab that needed a hungry student to process film and work hard. This early training in commercial photo processing and optical imaging formed a foundation of knowledge that I still use today. By sheer luck, I was able to maneuver through several jobs, as Graphics Production Manager and Sales Representative. What I enjoyed the most was solving difficult problems, both with the customer directly and in the production of the job.

In the 80’s I started a company called Photo Display and Design and worked it hard for 3 years until I realized that I was undercapitalized. I truly believe success and achievement doesn’t occur without experiencing failure.

I Purchased Terry Productions in 1996 with a desire to combine all the lessons I had learned from the woodshed, college and my early jobs. Today, I work with great people in a market that is still evolving. The next 10 years will bring new markets for us, but one thing will remain constant. We will always strive to do the best job we can, working with our hands, our equipment and our minds. I believe that success comes from a passion to do things right, exceed expectations and always ask what else we can do.

I am passionate about my company and the people that work for me. I am deeply involved in the daily operations and enjoy visiting with each client on how we can do better. I’m excited about our new brand and our new direction towards custom fabrication in all areas. Our path will be full of surprises this next 10 years and I look forward to helping you with your next project.
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